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who we are

The Ozarks Inclusion Project provides Workshops and resources to organizations that uphold diversity, equity, and inclusive values, and are intentional in fostering community connections, building bridges between cultures, and providing support and services so that all can thrive.

As a project of The GLO Center, the longest running LGBTQIA+ Community Center in the state, we offer training and policy review for for- and not-for-profit companies, and an online searchable directory so allies and LGBTQIA+ people alike can find the resources we need and support friendly businesses with our purchasing power.


The state of Missouri is one of 27 states in the country where gay and transgender folks lack vital legal protections from being fired, evicted, or denied services (#passMONAnow). The City of Springfield passed such protections through City Council only to have them repealed in a popular vote months later in the spring of 2015. Those events highlighted for many in our community the need to be proactive in showing support and making changes as individuals and companies so that LGBTQIA+ folks could still feel at home in the Ozarks. The Ozarks Inclusion Project provides the tools to do just that, now generously funded by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

all are welcome

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We offer a variety of trainings and can tailor them to fill the right gaps and increase your cultural competency and overall effectiveness. Trainings range from 30 mins to 90 mins typically, depending on the setting and desired outcomes, and are billed at $250/hour for for-profit companies and $100/hour for non-profits. A limited number of scholarships are available which can reduce or cover the cost. We don’t want cost to be a barrier, while we value our time and expertise.

website directory

Companies that have proven their commitment to inclusivity by making a few simple agreements will be listed on this website and receive a decal to display on their storefront. For businesses with single-stall gender specific restrooms, signage can be provided to make those inclusive of all genders.

Premium placement, at the top above alphabetical listings in your category, is available on a first-come basis for a limit of 3 companies per category. $55/quarter or $200/year to include an image/logo, or $40/quarter $150/year with no image. Special promotions available for Greater Ozarks Pridefest sponsors and vendors.


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